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Cairo Underground Railway

The Cairo Metro in Egypt was the first fully developed underground system in Africa. There are three lines in operation, with sections of the third line still under construction. The first section of line 3 opened on February 21, 2012. When it is complete, this line will be 34.2 km in length and service 29 stations. The completion of line 3 – which will result in a direction connection between Cairo International Airport and the city center – is planned for October 2019. In contrast to the two other lines, line 3 is completely underground.

It will be used by around 1.8 million passengers per day. At present, the Egyptian Railway Authority (which manages the Cairo Metro) transports between 2.5 and 3 million passengers per day.

The Cairo Metro has another feature too: it is probably the only underground system with carriages for women only.

Our solutions

For the first section that was constructed, we provided 15 km of aluminum/steel conductor rails, 20,000 conductor rail carriers and around 80 km of cover profiles.

SiteCairo, Egypt

Egyptian Railway Authority

  • Aluminum/steel conductor rails
  • Conductor rail cover systems 
  • Conductor rail carriers
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  • Conductor rail

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