Frequently asked questions and their answers about BIM

What is waya?

waya is a database based component management system, powered by BIMsystems GmbH. With this plugin REHAU offers the BIM content of its extensive product portfolio for different software solutions. But waya is more than just an object library. The REHAU BIM Content or the objects receive a unique intelligence through the integrated logic and control system. The various products can be completely pre-assembled using a plugin before the geometric representation, including all associated parameters and attributes, is finally transferred to the digital building data model. This enables easy handling of the data.

Under which BIM software does waya run?

waya is running under the following BIM platforms:

  • Revit: Versions 2017-2019
  • Allplan: Versions 2016-2018
  • ArchiCAD: Versions 19, 20, 21, 22

Can I only access the REHAU BIM content via waya?

No, as an alternative to the plugin, the families are of course also natively available for download.

How do I get waya into my software?

Click on the download button in the waya area and simply enter your e-mail address. The installation file will then be downloaded and all you have to do is start the installation. Afterwards you will find waya in your BIM software under the additional programs.  When you start the BIM for the first time, you have to register only once and can then use all the functions of waya. 

Where can I find the individual objects of the REHAU BIM content?

In the REHAU Portfolio section you will find the product groups for which we provide content and also additional digital solutions. Select the area you are interested in and then the solution or content you need for your project. 

How can I get further information on BIM and does REHAU offer corresponding training courses?

If you need information about BIM, please contact us at bim@rehau.com.

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