RAUVOLET noble matt

New RAUVOLET noble matt

Elegance and functionality for your storage

Do not think in niches. RAUVOLET noble matt makes for the perfect design match with our surfaces and are therefore easy on the eye. Smooth running in usage it makes for easy access to your storage space, but blurs perfectly with the front when closed – without material or color breaks. Pure elegance for furniture with a monolithic appeal.

The roller shutters surface comes with anti-fingerprint and soft touch functionalities, making for great interaction. A well round storage solution, perfectly matching our motto "the art of storage".

Advantages at a glance

High scratch resistance

ready for everyday life


avoids ugly stains

Silky smooth optics

at all times

Perfect design match

without material breaks

Pleasant usage

amooth running open/close

Simple installation

using a "plug & play" system

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RAUVOLET edelmatt Schrankrollladen
RAUVOLET edelmatt Schrankrollladen
RAUVOLET edelmatt Schrankrollladen
RAUVOLET edelmatt Schrankrollladen

Color range

Additional uni colors matching your collection are available on request.

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ApplicationFor vertical use
Mechanism"Plug & Play" cassette system
AccessoriesCasa Blanca, Silver Lake, Gas Lit Alley, After Dark
100 % PP
Board thickness19 mm
ProfileStrength: 8 mm
Cover width: 24,2 mm
Standard set dimensions600 x 1.500 mm
900 x 1.500 mm
Installation height (incl. ceiling panel)Up to 1.500 mm: 164 mm

Engineering progress

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