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Rotterdam Metro

The bicycle-friendly metro

Internet and bicycles on board – this is what sets the Rotterdam Metro apart. Not only that, but WLAN at the stations and bicycle transportation on the metro are free of charge (except during rush hour). Opened in 1968, the oldest underground network in the Benelux ensures rapid transportation within the greater Rotterdam area in which 1.2 million people live.

Rotterdam’s tram service is responsible for connections within the city, which is why the distances between the stations in the metro system are much greater than in other cities. Laid out roughly in the shape of an air bladder, the network has 49 stations and is 115.3 km in length.

Our solutions

We have supplied the Rotterdam Metro with around 40 km of cover profiles, approximately 4,000 conductor rail carriers and aluminum/steel conductor rails since 2000.

SiteRotterdam, Netherlands

Rotterdamse Electrische Tram (RET)

  • Aluminum/steel conductor rails 
  • Conductor rail cover systems 
  • Conductor rail carriers
Key terms
  • Third Rail
  • Conductor rail

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