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Singapore Metro

Rapid connections for millions of people

Singapore has more than just a metro system – it has the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT). It took 20 years from when the first plans were drawn up in 1967 to the opening of the first section. Today, the network has five lines measuring 170.6 km in length and 122 stations. The system is set to be extended by 74.5 km and a further 56 stations by 2025. On average, three million people in the small city-state use the MRT each day. Singapore is approximately the same size as Hamburg, but has more than three times the population with 5.5 million inhabitants.

Two companies manage the network: SMRT and SBS Transit. One special feature of the MRT is that the underground stations are fitted with platform screen doors which only open when the train arrives at the station. This ensures that the stations are at a consistent temperature and minimizes the risk of accidents.

Our solutions

The MRT trains are supplied with 750 volts (DC) via a conductor rail mounted laterally to the tracks. Over the past 20 years, we have delivered more than 100 km of PVC cover profiles to Singapore. In 2014 we started producing the network’s conductor rails as well.


SMRT Corporation

VerkehrsverbundSBS Transit
  • Aluminum/steel conductor rails 
  • Conductor rail carriers
  • Conductor rail cover profiles
  • Third rail
  • Conductor rail

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