Tianjin Metro

Tianjin Metro

China’s second underground system

Commencing operation in 1984, theTianjin Metro is the second-largest metro network in China after the Beijing Subway. Since 2013 the network has consisted of five lines measuring 139.1 km in length and 95 stations. The network is managed by two companies: Tianjin Metro Group Co. Ltd and Binhai Mass Transit Development Co. Ltd. The metro network in Tianjin is currently the 22nd longest in the world, coming in just behind Berlin. However, Tianjin will soon overtake Berlin, as four more lines are currently under construction.

Our solutions

We have delivered around 88 km of aluminum/steel conductor rails to Tianjin so far.

SiteTianjin, China
  • Tianjin Metro Group Co. Ltd
  • Binhai Mass Transit Development Co. Ltd
Products/SystemsAluminum/steel conductor rails 
Key terms
  • Third rail
  • Conductor rail

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