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The database-supported component management system waya, powered by BIMsystems GmbH, offers you as a plugin the entire REHAU BIM content for your software solution. The plugin is usable in the common BIM platforms Revit, Allplan and ArchiCAD.

With waya, we offer you more than just a pure object library. The REHAU BIM content and the objects receive a unique intelligence through the integrated logic and control system. The various products can be completely pre-assembled using the plugin before the geometric representation including all associated parameters and attributes is transferred to your project at the end. This enables easy handling of the data and you do not have to select the required product from a large number of individual objects.

The BIM solution waya can do even more: for example, you can validate REHAU windows to ensure that the windows you have planned are feasible and can be built. If this is confirmed, you can also transfer the window data directly to the window builder, who immediately has all the data relevant to him available in his window construction software. These are the real advantages in the digitalization of the construction industry: increased efficiency through intelligent data transfer.

The vision of BIMsystems is the realization of the "open BIM" method. Interface problems must and should be eliminated in order to make full use of the numerous advantages and opportunities of BIM. REHAU supports this idea and is confident that the database-driven approach of waya is an important step in this direction.

A one-time registration is required to use waya.


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