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We want to be your development partner that provides solutions and support for your project. REHAU can assist you from "start to finish"

  • Sophisticated extrusion profiles
  • Fabricated components
  • Complete assembled systems

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Our core values: Trust, reliability and innovation

We were founded in 1948, and since then, innovation has become part of our DNA. We love challenges and provide complete solutions. Within REHAU Industrial Solutions, our 5 market segments provide us the necessary experience to help you with whatever your projects requires.

We offer a complete solution from start to finish, and can help you along your development process. Our solution package includes:

  • Design engineering
  • Custom colors 
  • In line / Offline fabrication
  • Gasket welding solutions
  • Custom compounding
  • Packaging to your needs
  • Ability to laminate / Foil extrusions
Trust, reliability, innovations

Explore some of our product developments

593-D077 - 63830

Door frame extrusion for commercial merchandising units

D79-D087_465834_0 - 465834

Rolling door extrusion

T81-D041 - 12503889

Multi-hollow extrusion

503-D011_512151_1 - 512151

Refrigeration gaskets 

T81-D065 - 13628169

Rigid PVC retainers 

Curtain side profile

Semi trailer seals 

We have partners in many industries, and they prefer us because we focus on providing innovative solutions.

  • Domestic refrigeration
  • Commercial refrigeration
  • Automotive
  • Air condition & ventilation
  • Agriculture
  • Doors and windows
  • Light rail systems
  • Construction industry
  • And many more

No challenge is too big for us, we have 3 production plants at your disposal.

00008ACB_31331_0 - 31331

Cullman, Alabama

DSC_0645 - 117245

Celaya, Mexico

WMONT - 1074007

Monterrey, Mexico

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