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Warranties that apply to some REHAU products are attached to this web page. If you need service for your REHAU product, contact your product installer. If you are not the original product owner and do not know who installed your product, contact us to locate the nearest supplier of REHAU products.

REHAU Window and Door Limited Warranty:
Warranty applicable to vinyl window and door extrusions manufactured by REHAU, window and door hardware and handles sold as REHAU Attivo and window storm protection fabric sold as RAUSHIELD.

Window and Door Limited Warranty (EN)     Window and Door Limited Warranty (FR) 

REHAU Surface Solutions Warranty:
Warranty applicable to surface solutions sold by REHAU.

RAUVISIO Panel and Finished Component Limited Warranty (EN) 

REHAU PEXa Limited Warranty:
Warranty applicable to REHAU PEXa systems including radiant heating/cooling, snow and ice melting, turf heating, geothermal ground loops, plumbing, residential fire sprinkler, pre-insulated piping and outdoor wood boiler.

PEXa Limited Warranty (EN)      PEXa Garantía Limitada (ES)

MUNICIPEX® Limited Warranty:
Application-specific warranty for REHAU MUNICIPEX PEXa municipal piping applications.

MUNICIPEX Limited Warranty (EN)      Garantía Limitada MUNICIPEX (ES)

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