Designpool Inspiration


Designpool Inspiration – The emancipation of edgeband

REHAU has developed a range of creative designs to offer a wide-ranging repertoire of accentuating designs and provide you with inspiration for new ideas. As there are no limits on design and application, any new design can be made into an edgeband for the discerning customer. Whether in creative shop or interior design, in kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms or office applications – decorative designs from the Designpool Inspiration are a breath of fresh air.



Creative edgeband design down to the smallest detail:

  • Po-Art edge: The connection of black and white surfaces. The abstract geometry deceives the eye, conveying depth and movement
  • New ornamentation: After black-white and floral designs, the trend has evolved towards graphic, geometric and colourful decorative designs
  • Inspired by Far Eastern ink art, the edge appears superbly braided and is meditatively calming
  • Three-dimensionality with special effect: The edge opens new dimensions and conveys movement