RAUKANTEX basic edge


Edgeband solutions for lightweight construction applications

The current trends stimulating the furniture market include deep worktops in the kitchen area, stable furniture sides and frameworks, bulkhead look for cover boards and table tops. In order to fulfil the variety of customer requirements and to ensure optimum handling of the components, REHAU offers matching edgeband solutions for lightweight boards.

RAUKANTEX basic edge enables you to achieve lightweight surfaces using lightweight construction boards. The innovative edging bonds the lightweight surfaces to each other and offers a solid basis for the application of the decorative edgeband. In addition to this, RAUKANTEX basic edge ensures the required pressure stability and guarantees smooth machine processing of the lightweight construction boards. As a result, individual requirements regarding material and design can be met.



  • Achieve lightweight surfaces using lightweight construction boards
  • Smooth machine processing
  • Conserves resources
  • Substantial weight reduction with possible savings in transport/logistics