System Solutions for Vertical Cabinets


RAUVOLET C – System solutions for vertical cabinets

The RAUVOLET C product range offers a wide selection of high quality, active balancing mechanism systems for vertically-running cabinet designs.

During use, this means a high level of operating comfort with minimum effort and maximum safety due to the roller shutter door retaining almost any opening position.



  • Epecially for vertical use
  • A wide range of system variants for almost unlimited cabinet design options
  • A comprehensive range of system accessories with many combination options
  • A variety of profile shapes in exclusive surface finishes

Product Range

Product Range

The counterbalance principle, which coils the roller shutter door up into the top of the cabinet, and therefore enables optimum use of the cabinet depth. The mechanism ensures that the roller shutter door moves easily. Suitable for wooden cabinets.

The roller shutter door running into the back wall ensures maximum use of space in the cabinet height and width. Suitable for use in wooden cabinets in combination with the counterbalance mechanism fixed in the front or rear radius area.

The C8 mechanism enables vertical cabinet designs which run into the back wall to easily be fitted with an active balance mechanism. The mechanism works in both directions. Suitable for wooden cabinets with roller shutter doors that run into the back wall.

With RAUVOLET C6, vertical cabinets which open from bottom to top can easily be fitted with an active balancing mechanism. A round cord is "hung" onto one of the hooks mounted on the back wall of the cabine. Suitable for cabinets.

RAUVOLET Caddy brake
The tried and tested solution for small vertical cabinets which open from top to bottom. RAUVOLET CB offers the possibility here to install an active braking mechanism without requiring any additional space in the cabinet.

RAUVOLET Vertical brake
The RAUVOLET Vertical brake as a slam-rail glide assumes a double-function especially for small cabinets.