Double Glazing

White uPVC REHAU Windows
House Bosch, Johannesburg

Windows and doors are essential in any building, yet all too often inefficient windows and doors are used, making the home uncomfortable. 

The solution is to install windows and doors that allow light into the home, but keep you comfortable and cozy, irrespective of the weather conditions outside.  In other words: use double glazed uPVC windows!  

What is Double Glazing? 

Double glazed windows or doors are uPVC frames fitted with TWO panes of glass with a space of 12mm to 16mm between them.  The gap between the two panes is held in place with a spacer bar and contains either normal air or it can be filled with argon gas.  

The glass unit is sealed to be airtight and fitted into the uPVC frame.  

The idea behind double glazing is that two panes of glass, plus the air gap between them, act as a layer of insulation inhibiting the passage of heat or cold from outside into your home, thus making it energy efficient. 

In some countries triple glazing is being used to increase the energy efficiency of a building. 

Benefits of Double Glazed uPVC windows and doors

  • Adversely high or low temperatures outside do not interfere with your comfort inside the home.
  • Should you still want to heat or cool your home, you will need less energy as the temperatures generated inside will not escape to the outside.
  • REHAU’s double glazed uPVC windows and doors are virtually airtight, keeping the dust out.
  • Double glazed uPVC windows and doors are very effective in reducing outside noise.  A combination of special glass panes can reduce the intrusion of noise even further, making your home quiet and serene, even if you live close to highways or airports.

Double glazed uPVC windows and doors provide increased security.  It is very difficult to break into a home through a window or door with double glazing.  Furthermore, high security multi-point locks can be fitted to REHAU’s uPVC windows and doors.