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RAUCORD Synthetic cord material

RAUCORD Cord material – Maximum design freedom

RAUCORD is a high quality, synthetic cord material, which is suitable for various applications indoors and outdoors.

Cord furniture and accessories create highlights in the outdoor area and stand out as stylish highlights in modern living spaces: Chairs, stools, beach chairs, but also vases, bowls or decorative items – the design options are numerous.

The cord material RAUCORD offers a real alternative to natural materials.


Due to its outstanding properties, RAUCORD cord material is ideally suited to the outdoor area:


Weathering and temperature-resistant

Robust and durable

Low-maintenance and easy to clean

Non-toxic and environmentally friendly

Light-fast and scratch-resistant

Product Range

RAUCORD classic
Available in various solid colours and profile geometries as well as in the fashionable colour collections Shimmer and Rainbow.RAUCORD natural
Looks realistic due to the use of different coloured strands (dark, medium and light tones).

RAUCORD creative – Loom Collection
The patented 30-degree cord effect gives the material the elegant appearance of natural wickerwork.

RAUCORD creative – Abaca Collection
Recreation of the Asian Abaca material using individually-rolled profiles.

RAUCORD creative – Pulut Collection
Deceptively real replica of the natural fibre pulut with regard to the colour and surface effects and the natural feel.

RAUCORD creative – Trend Collection
Trend colours 2010/2011; RAUCORD XXL – the extra-wide cord fibre; RAUCORD creative – Linea Collection – special effect using a base colour and two other colours for strands.

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00014A27_15217_1 - 15217

00014BE8_15198_1 - 15198

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