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Teva Windows (Gold certified Fabricator)

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About us

Teva Windows is a proudly energy efficient company that promotes a greener way of living. We achieve this goal through the production and installation of the most energy efficient windows and doors in South Africa. Energy efficiency is a way of living to us, and energy efficiency starts at home.

Teva uPVC windows and doors offer the best insulation on the market. Offering longevity, visual appeal and security, Teva products are high quality, cost effective and dependable. Teva uPVC windows and doors fitted Single Glazing will give you the same level of insulation as a standard aluminium level window fitted with double glazing. Fitted with double glazing, these windows provide double the insulation of aluminium windows fitted with the same double glazing.

We are the leading uPVC window fabricator in South Africa, boasting a 10 year track record. We have successfully installed windows and doors in the renovation or construction of residential homes and commercial projects including apartment blocks, office complexes, mixed-use developments and sustainable low cost housing for over a decade

Unit 45,
Kya Sand Corner,
Kya Sand,
South Africa

Tel: 011 587 3250

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