Blend resilience and softness with RAUVISIO shade

Inspired by the drawn line, this solid-extruded surface offers unbound soft resilience.

The color collection

RAUVISIO shade super-matte PET surface

By diffusing light and giving elements around it vivid definition, RAUVISIO shade™ super-matte PET surface unveils a space as a work of art. Its powdery finish makes its mark as a far-reaching surface area. Allow soft to recede to the background or define the foreground of your boutique, reception or workspace. Whatever your focus, bring your subject into light.

RAUVISIO shade is a durable surface, making it ideal for vertical commercial applications or larger scale projects. Meant for areas that get a lot of wear and traffic, the features of this surface retain their hue and lure. Its soft powdery finish ensures your space looks hardly touched by everyday use.

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Marking our present.

Human expression began with line. Our need for expression is essential to give meaning to our lives. This desire to capture the world around us and record it with whatever means available gave birth to drawing, painting, writing, photography and what we now regard as high art. By marking our present, we saved it for all posterity and so, today, as we look at man’s earliest drawings we see not just the bison, but our stance in the hierarchy of the natural world at that time. This powdery line, deliberately sensitive and full bodied proclaimed to invisible audiences “I am here.”

Features and benefits

  • Soft touch finish
  • Scratch, fingerprint and bacteria resistant
  • Excimer lacquering for increased durability
  • Superior UV stability
  • Low light reflectivity
  • Inexpensive alternative to paint 
  • Clean cutting and processing
  • Value-engineered option for large commercial projects


  • Residential cabinetry
  • Commercial casework

The solid-extruded RAUVISIO shade super-matte PET surface offers superior durability with a thickness 4 to 5 times that of clear PET film or lacquered melamine. Its UV-cured excimer lacquer provides low-light reflectivity, impact and fingerprint resistance and a soft super-matte finish. RAUVISIO shade is laminated to an MDF core that is CARB2, TSCA Title VI certified. Offered as boards and edgeband or fabricated panels and cabinet doors with perfectly matched REHAU LaserEdge™, this surface brings unbound soft resilience to your project.


This palette of neutral hues allows you to soften your living space and place an emphasis on the elements that matter to you most. Choose a hue that’s already a classic.

Unbound shades

This new blurred and shaded line broke conventions of the past. Notions of line as something that contained, restricted and bound were replaced by an invisible line whose hints created faint color hues. These new techniques inspired poets and writers to challenge their binary notions and reinvent a third way, a more ambiguous way that was truer to real life. These soft and hazy undertones made w­hat laid on top more vibrant. It gave an intimate feeling, brought out a warmth in its subjects that created a striking real-life effect.

This concept plays out when RAUVISIO shade brings an augmented softness to your designs, going beyond boundary, diffusing light, giving the elements around it vivid definition.

154208_White - 18449178


M00-D1304 - 97346

Light Grey

154213_Grey - 18449793

Stone Grey

154211_Storm Grey - 18449779

Dark Grey

F20-D155 - 12571027



RAUVISIO shade Black
RAUVISIO shade Light Grey
DC_Boutique_widelandscape - 1086526
RAUVISIO shade Dark Grey

Program options

Pressed panels

48 x 110 x 3/4 in (1200 x 2800 x 19.3 mm)

Highest quality PET film is applied over a melamine board.


REHAU LaserEdge and standard edgebanding in various sizes for all your project requirements.

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