Tambour door mechanisms & track systems

We offer several different track systems and counterbalance mechanisms for our tambour door systems so you can choose what works best for your project.

Track systems

Whether mounted in front, milled or mounted on top - the right track system makes the difference. You'll find the right one at REHAU.

Führungssystem CLASSIC


  • Classical management system
  • Grooved rail
Führungssystem FLEX

FLEX track

  • Freedom in cabinet design through new design options
  • Flexible, grooved guide rail
  • Any external radii in positive direction
  • Minimum inner radius Ri = 35.5 mm
  • Reproduction of a lateral receptacle (screw shape) possible, taking into account Ri = 35.5 mm
  • Cold bending of the guide rail by hand possible
Führungssystem FRAME

FRAME track

  • Impressive design in frame look
  • Easy mounting
  • No milling, only cutting to length, screwing, finished
  • Uniform front design for horizontal and vertical cabinets
  • Superior system (19 mm) acts flush with standard swing doors
  • Aluminum guide rail

Führungssystem TOP

TOP track

  • Easy mounting
  • No milling, only cutting to length, screwing, finished
  • Can also be retrofitted
  • Visually pleasing, as there is no visible transition from rail to 90° corner
  • Aluminum guide rails
Führungssystem TOP


  • Easy mounting
  • No milling, only cutting to length, screwing, finished
  • Can also be retrofitted
  • Matches solid colors


In vertical use, a stable and well thought-out counterbalance mechanism makes all the difference for optimum safety and smooth operation. REHAU offers several options for your design.

Einbauset C3 - C3-Wickelmechanik

C3 counterbalance

  • Smooth running properties
  • Optimum weight compensation through high-quality spring mechanism
  • Minimum space requirement for all cabinet heights due to winding coil
  • Taller cabinets possible
  • Extended width flexibility from 350 to 1184 mm (internal) with extension

C6 counterbalance

  • For use in wooden cabinets with grooved or surface-mounted tracks in the rear wall
  • Active counterbalance for opening from bottom to top
  • Simple solution with minimum space requirement in the cabinet

C8 counterbalance

  • Wide range of applications
  • Active weight compensation of the tambour in almost any opening position
  • Minimum space requirement due to cabinet rear mounting
  • Possibility to mount outside the finished cabinet


Caddy break

  • Use in wooden cabinets with grooved or mounted tracks
  • Brake module for direct installation (no weight compensation)
  • Simple assembly with very little preparation effort
  • Opening direction from top to bottom
  • Adjustment from the outside in an already finished cabinet
  • One brake per cabinet is sufficient, if necessary, installation of a second brake opposite (on request)
  • Installation of a lock is required

Vertical break

  • Double function as handle strip glider especially for small cabinets
  • Braking of the tambour door during opening and closing
  • Possible to break on both sides and as well as individually


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