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Living on the waterfront to Passive House Standard – DGNB Gold

Our systems for heating, cooling and water management

As part of the International Building Exhibition (IBA) Hamburg, a very special residential complex has been built on Wilhemsburg, the island quarter of Hamburg surrounded by the Elbe river. The complex consists of five buildings on piles in a 4000 m² water basin which is fed with rainwater. The houses, which meet the Passive House Standard, exclusively use regenerative energy sources to fulfill their heating requirements. Natural groundwater heat is used as an energy source along with solar thermal energy. This extraordinary complete concept was awarded gold certification by DGNB in 2013.

Our solutions: Energy-efficient heating and cooling
A geothermal energy heat pump system fitted with our RAUGEO geothermal probe uses the water to control the temperature of the homes. Our concrete core tempering system is employed to ensure a pleasant indoor climate.
Comprehensive water management Our RAUTITAN installation system guarantees excellent drinking water hygiene for the five residential buildings. RAUPIANO PLUS, the sound-absorbing above-ground drainage system, is used to dispose of waste water quietly, thereby further enhancing the quality of life in the complex.

Good reasons to opt for REHAU

  • Sustained reduction in energy and operating costs
  • As part of the drinking water system, RAUTITAN protects against microbial contamination and guarantees a 100% flow rate as a result of its optimized fittings.
  • Extremely quiet drainpipes thanks to RAUPIANO PLUS
  • By the way: Installing RAUTITAN and RAUPIANO PLUS together saves precious space, as no additional room is required between the two.
SiteHamburg, Deutschland
Construction period2013
Building contractorSchenk + Waiblinger Architekten 
ArchitectBerschneider & Berschneider Architekten BDA, Pilsach/Neumarkt
Type of buildingResidential complex
CertificationDGNB Gold

RAUGEO PE-Xa green geothermal probe

Close-to-surface concrete core tempering

Building drainage

RAUTITAN: For water and heat 

Key termsPassive house estate, urban development, concrete core activation, structural component activation, sanitary installation, waste water installation