Super matte material

RAUVISIO fino offers excellent value and consistent quality in modern furniture components. Our components feature single-sided hard coated polymer surface with matching REHAU laser edgeband for the perfect finishing.

Fino surface is created by using the highest quality PET film (highest temperature and UV resistance of any PET film) laminated onto super-refined MDF using specially formulated PUR glue in a stringent controlled environment to ensure ultra flat aesthetic quality.

Advantages of Polymer Surface RAUVISIO Fino

RAUVISIO fino features single-sided hard coat polymer surface combined with zero-joint edgeband for perfect finishing.

Easy cleaning

Can be easily cleaned with a damp microfiber cloth and with a mild soap if needed. 

UV resistance

RAUVISIO fino has excellent light-fastness and UV resistance. So there are no colour variations between different light and sun exposures in interior applications. 

Decorative design collection

RAUVISIO fino colours are available in matte finishing:









Complete Design Harmony

REHAU supplies the entire product range from stock:

PET film with hard coat polymer surface.

For RAUVISIO fino we offer perfectly coordinated edgeband designs.

RAUVISIO fino is available as a pressed board in a large-scale format consisting of the PET film laminated to high-quality super-refined engineered MDF core.

You can have RAUVISIO fino components and matching edgebands manufactured into individually fabricated components with invisible joint quality from one piece.

REHAU is the provider of this complete, seamless system including any advise and technical support, which may be required.  As one of the world’s most significant polymer processors specialising in Design Management, REHAU stands for excellent colour depth and clarity, UV-resistance and premium processing characteristics.

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