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"Unlimited": Issue 4 - Future Mobility

Mobility is a must in today's global society, but there's no easy solution for interlinking a burgeoning global population while minimizing CO2 emissions and enfringement on our natural resources. New space management strategies, technological innovations and modified consumer behaviors are all necessary if we are to successfully transform our tranformation systems worldwide.

Present day transportation strategies must further evolve, and whether the trend shifts to electric, hybrid or hydro or whether conventional engines prove irreplaceable has yet to be determined. In a market so dynamic, where multiple technical solutions compete, the final frontrunner is far from identified. What is ecologically judicious while economically worthwhile?

For REHAU, "Future Mobility" is more than a glance into a crystal ball. This issue of Unlimited looks into how we are actively exploring new ideas and trends.

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"Unlimited": Issue 3 - Energy Efficiency

Satisfying the growing demand for energy of an exploding global population is one of the great unsolved problems of our time: While the number of people on the planet continues to grow, our primary energy sources such as oil, coal and gas are running short. Especially since the reactor catastrophe at Fukushima, nuclear energy is clearly not seen as the long-term solution to meeting humanity’s need for energy.

But what can we do? While most public discussions focus solely on the issue of energy sources, we should be predominantly looking at dealing with how energy loss can be avoided. The third edition of Unlimited is dedicated to energy efficiency.

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"Unlimited": Issue 2 - Future Living

The statistics raise concern: Currently our planet is populated with more than 7 billion people; by 2024 it will be 8 billion. In addition, we are faced with climate change, shortage of land and diminishing natural energy resources.

These problems are complex: The world population is increasing rapidly, leading to urbanization in developing countries and the explosion of so-called Megacities. This development within our global world demands intelligent models for our future ways of working and living.

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"Unlimited": Issue 1 - Water Management

Everyone talks about sustainability; so do we. For more than 60 years, we have been striving to assume our responsibility as an employer and as an industrial company through a far-sighted, long-term business policy.

The articles in our new magazine Unlimited show how our systems and products contribute to solving some of the world's greatest challenges. This corresponds to our main theme "REHAU moves people and people move REHAU."

The first edition of Unlimited is dedicated to the subject of water. Without water, no life can exist. Therefore, we must do everything possible to protect this absolutely essential and scarce resource.

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