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A REHAU product is overseen by our engineers and technicians from its development to its final use. We also provide optimal supply chain solutions, such as just-in-time deliveries.

Diverse product characteristics can be achieved through skilled processing of polymer materials. Our technical capabilities include numerous, up-to-date processing procedures. Toolmakers and engineers work together in our in-house tool and die shops to achieve the best possible results. They not only have exceptional expertise, but also have access to the latest equipment. These ideal working conditions and close teamwork between specialists from every discipline make a significant contribution to our company’s success.

Polymer Processing

Polymer Processing

  • Extrusion processes for every cross-section which can possibly be manufactured;
  • Injection molding processes for machine-mounted components with clamping forces between 200kN and 40,000kN
  • Employment of special processes such as internal gas pressure, dual-component injection molding, coextrusion;
  • Extrusion blow molding for components with volumes between 1.5 to 250 liters, preferably for air ducts, painted rear spoilers and washer reservoirs;
  • Foam blow molding to manufacture insulated air ducts for the automotive industry.


  • Painting, preferably for exterior body parts on motor vehicles, in all vehicle colors;
  • Surface finishing through coating, lamination and printing;
  • Fabrication/installation employing the most up-to-date robot and laser techniques for machining and non-cutting processes, mounting and joining, bending and connecting.

Engineering progress

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