Lower maintenance cost

RAUBIOXON Plus Aerator Systems

The RAUBIOXON Plus pipe and disc aerator system was specially developed for fine bubble aeration of municipal and industrial wastewater in biological treatment process.

RAUSIK silicone membranes have shown to produce excellent results in the following industrial applications:

  • Food industry such as production of milk, chocolate, starch and meat
  • Beverage industry
  • Leather processing
  • Paper production
  • Textile cleaning
  • Mineral oil processing

RAUBIOXON Plus offers long-term savings in maintenance cost and power consumption.

Material Properties of Silicone Membrane:

  • High tear strength of 45 N/mm (acc. to ASTM D624B)
  • High temperature resistance of up to 120oC
  • Permanent elasticity
  • Resistance to oil and grease
  • No membrane hardening or shrinkage
  • Free of plasticizer
  • Low susceptibility to biofouling


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