Water Supply - RAUFUSION


Safety is extremely crucial when choosing the right plumbing system. The RAUFUSION plumbing system is engineered for your well being. Packed with a wide array of safety features such as threaded fittings that ensure absolute security at the joints, the best compounded polypropylene (PP-R) material chosen so that there is no material degradation and also not forgetting that the Raufusion system has gone through rigorous quality standards testing to meet international standards.

Smarter and more intuitive. RAUFUSION is designed with you in mind. We’ve thought about how difficult it can be when it comes to plumbing, we’ve designed our plumbing system with smarter and more intelligent features that will make your plumbing experience a breeze.

Convenience is at the heart of the RAUFUSION system. Aside from the unique features such as embossed joint and time markings. RAUFUSION is a complete PP-R system that comes equipped with a specially designed fusion tools system that makes plumbing and fixing effortless.

Reasons to use RAUFUSION


  • No material degradation
  • 100% Homogenous joints
  • Complete system security
  • Tested and proven quality


  • Easy identification
  • Reduce>10% chasing depth
  • Turning with ease

More convenient

  • Accurate timing
  • Easier fixing
  • Easier alignment


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