H2O Residences, Singapore

H20 Residences is a residential apartment building comprising of 5-blocks residential flat with total of 521 units offer a variety range of apartment design. H20 Residences is the first private project designed to integrate seamlessly with the surrounding nature and water, awarded the Active, Beautiful, Clean Waters (ABC Waters) Certification by PUB (Public Utility Board of Singapore).

ProjectH2O Residences, Singapore
Scope of project

Rautitan HIS311 & REHAU polymer fittings

Architect/EngineerDP Architects Pte Ltd
InstallerSelected Plumbing
REHAU system usedRAUTITAN water services
Type of ProjectResidential Apartments
CustomerCity Developments Ltd
ArchitectDP Architects Pte Ltd
ComponentWater services
Water Supply - RAUTITAN


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