The most flexible glass of all time

Glass lends a sense of elegance and luxury to kitchens while also creating eye-catching highlights. With RAUVISIO crystal, REHAU has created an innovative surface material that is ideal for use in the kitchen. RAUVISIO crystal is a polymer glass that boasts a high-quality, glassy finish while completely eliminating the disadvantages of real glass.

Advantages of Polymer Glass Surface RAUVISIO Crystal

Easy Processing

You can easily process RAUVISIO crystal using already existing woodworking tools, without the risk of breaking it or producing any rejects. 

Grooves and inlays

Thanks to grooves and inlays, RAUVISIO crystal offers even more design flexibility.

Back lighting

The rear grooves are ideally suited for back lighting using conventional lights. This will allow you to add even more highlights. 

Break and scratch-resistant

RAUVISIO crystal is break-resistant and scratch-resistant as real glass, well suited for large-scale industrial production.

Can be written on

RAUVISIO crystal can be written on with conventional white board markers, which can be easily removed without leaving any residues. Chalk can be used for matte surfaces. 

Easy cleaning

The non-porous surface is sealed with a hardcoat finish and can therefore be cleaned without problems. It is also suitable for rooms with the highest hygiene requirements.

Decorative design collection

RAUVISIO crystal uni range available in high-gloss and matte finishings:








RAUVISIO crystal uni range available in high-gloss finishing only:

Zucchero Metallic


RAUVISIO crystal decor range available in high-gloss finishing only:

Conglomerato Chiaro

Conglomerato Scuro

Marmo Toscana

Marmo Romano

Marmo Bianco

Marmo Nero

Legno Argentato

Legno Marrone

Legno Antico

Legno Bruciato

Legno Sbiancato


Complete Design Harmony

REHAU supplies the entire product range from stock:

The glass laminate and balancing sheet, each 2.0 mm are perfectly colour-coordinated and ensure a distortion-free pressed board.

For RAUVISIO crystal, we offer perfectly coordinated edgeband designs.

On request, RAUVISIO crystal is available as a pressed board in a large-scale format consisting of the glass laminate, MDF board and colour-coordinated balancing sheet.

The 4.0 mm thin system product consists of the RAUVISIO crystal glass laminate direcetly pressed with a colour-coordinated balancing sheet.

You can have RAUVISIO crystal components and matching edgebands manufactured into individually fabricated components in invisible joint quality from one piece.

REHAU is the provider of this complete, seamless system including any advise and technical support, which may be required.  As one of the world’s most significant polymer processors specialising in Design Management, REHAU stands for excellent colour depth and clarity, UV-resistance and premium processing characteristics.

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