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Louvre Shutter System

The innovative folding shutter system for modern and traditional design

REHAU SOL-Design S747, the louvre shutter system that offer a wide range of uses: as a special accent on the house, as a screen from the prying eyes of neighbours, as sun protection and to regulate the indoor climate. Visually harmonize the shutters innovative design with their variety of shapes and colors with each architecture.

Product Description

REHAU Louvre Shutter offer a wide spectrum of possibilities. They can be used to make special design elements in a house. Also as sun protection and for the regulation of the climate at home they are ideal.

The louvre shutter can be fixed to the wall as a design element or can be installed as real movable shutters. Also the slats of the louvre shutter can be fixed or can be installed with a movable hardware. Then sunlight can be regulated and make a harmonic living condition.

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Window Profiles REHAU SOL-Design, S747

Profile System:50mm profile depth, single chambered system
Sash-Frame Overlap:10mm
Maximum Dimension w/h:900mm / 2600mm, following appropriate fabrication guidelines
Slat type:Fixed & movable slats
Visible width of standard slat:35.6mm
Visible width of universal slat:55mm
Maximum in-fill thickness:28mm

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