Roller Shutter System, Aluminium Front Mount

Product Description

REHAU also offers a front mounted solution to meet all requirements of new buildings and also renovation of existing homes. The range of roller shutter slats covers PVC and Aluminium solutions

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Window Profiles REHAU Comfort Design Plus, S933ALU

Construction:3 sizes of aluminium sheet casing with high quality surface finishing. Unit install separately with windows and doors
Height / Installation Depth of units:

Series 165: 165mm / 165mm

Series 180: 180mm / 180mm

Series 205: 205mm / 205mm

Maximum Dimension w/h:

Series 165: 2.5m / 2.8m or 3.0m / 1.8m

Series 180: 2.5m / 3.5m or 3.0m / 2.25m

Series 205: 2.5m / 4.0m or 3.0m / 3.2m

Mode of Driving:Belt or Motor-drive
Shutter Slats:Slats nominal thickness of 8mm - 4 types available

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