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REHAU Indonesia

24 years and going strong


With the massive wind of change flowing through the REHAU group, the team at WJKT as part of the REHAU family, embody those changes and transform those into a new rising spirit for both the plant infrastructure and the working culture. The mentioned transformation that had been done in the past 4 months was in accordance with the new REHAU value of Trust, Reliability and Innovation, which harmoniously align the WJKT, 24 years remark of successful business in Indonesia.

The changes that we implemented includes the reenactment of work-life balance by providing employees with new sports facility and services such as karate and futsal, but also building new safer infrastructure for the employee to work without worries of imminent accident. All of those we did with the available budget in fact, we can earn more from them, of course, with a bit of strategy and effort.

Engineering progress

Enhancing lives

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