FLIPDOOR kitchen cabinet

FLIPDOOR – The Art of Storage

When you approach storage space as design in its own right, and go beyond mere functionality and conventional ideas, a simple overhead kitchen cabinet can be transformed into something completely new – FLIPDOOR, or, as we like to call it, The Art of Storage.

The straight lines of its silhouette – with no visible track system – make a great first impression, but open FLIPDOOR cupboards are real lookers too. FLIPDOOR also offers outstanding practicality on every level, from its super-smooth scissor movement to the space-saving opening mechanism. It is even delivered pre-assembled and ready to fit.

Manufactured from durable, low-maintenance RAUVISIO crystal, FLIPDOOR blends seamlessly with other furniture made using REHAU surfaces.


Key features at a glance

Easy to handle

FLIPDOOR kitchen cabinet

Satisfying closing sound

FLIPDOOR kitchen cabinet

Perfect match with REHAU surfaces
FLIPDOOR kitchen cabinet

No visible edges

FLIPDOOR kitchen cabinet

Efficient use of space – and stylish too

FLIPDOOR kitchen cabinet



Available in Piano, Titanio and Bianco as standard. All other RAUVISIO crystal solid colours available on request.

FLIPDOOR kitchen cabinet in Piano (black)


FLIPDOOR kitchen cabinet in Titanio

FLIPDOOR in Titanio

FLIPDOOR kitchen cabinet in Bianco (white)

FLIPDOOR in Bianco

RAUVISIO crystal features

FLIPDOOR is made using our exclusive RAUVISIO crystal glass laminate. The material brings a whole range of advantages – and not just when compared to real glass. You can find details and information about our smart glass products on the RAUVISIO crystal product page.

FLIPDOOR kitchen cabinet

Moisture resistant

A spilled glass here, hot steam there: none of it is an issue for RAUVISIO crystal, since it is virtually unaffected by moisture.

FLIPDOOR kitchen cabinet

Easy to clean

Ideal for the busiest of kitchens. The sealed surface is extremely easy to clean with water and a microfibre cloth.

FLIPDOOR kitchen cabinet

Resistant to scratches

Thanks to the UV paint, RAUVISIO crystal is highly scratch-resistant and resilient. However, should you ever need to change a slat, they are quick and easy to replace.

FLIPDOOR kitchen cabinet


RAUVISIO crystal's soft-touch coating on matt surfaces makes it pleasant to the touch and especially resistant to fingerprints.

FLIPDOOR kitchen cabinet


RAUVISIO crystal takes the rough and tumble of everyday kitchen use in its stride with outstanding levels of shock resistance, particularly around its edges. It's a feature loved by installers and end customers alike.

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