Lebensraum Badezimmer


The bathroom – a sensuous living space with a focus on the body. REHAU once again prioritises the functionality of the whole environment and puts emphasis on integrated surfaces and interfaces. Subtle lines of light transform full-length black mirrors into warmly lit make-up mirror surfaces and simultaneously change the depth perception of the whole room. Integrated lighting on the outer circumference of washbasins and bathtubs point the way even at night. And thanks to the translucent RAUVISIO panels, custom motifs can be featured on any surface.

In the shower, tiles are replaced with the same glassy material RAUVISIO crystal. And integrated, waterproof operating elements mean that saved functions can be accessed at any time during your cleansing routine, as the colour of the shower head changes with the water temperature.

Mirror with backlight

Mirror with backlighting
Three different lighting moods for the right level of brightness at any time. The mirror adapts to the user’s needs, whether they want to apply makeup, clean their teeth or create a pleasant ambience.

Bathtube with backlight

Bathtub with backlighting
A bathtub moulded from RAUVISIO mineral material combined with RAUVISIO crystal decor results in a unique and elegant look, while the backlighting creates a relaxing ambience.

Shower with smart interface

Shower with smart interface
Temperature control, lighting or even the radio: thanks to the interface integrated into the surface of the wall, users can create the perfect atmosphere when they are actually in the wet room – smoothly and seamlessly.


Entire room
The bathroom is reinvented through the intelligent integration of lighting and technology. New opportunities for the bathroom of the future.

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