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While the dream kitchen stands at the heart of everyday life, it is also undeniably an object of desire; at the same time, lack of space and rising living costs are resulting in ever decreasing available square metres. REHAU introduces a clever concept here, which allows plenty of room and options for development even when space is limited – without the need for compromise when it comes to customised design.

As part of the #futureapartment, REHAU presents a minimalist, monolithic, free-standing object consisting of two blocks arranged at a 90-degree angle. There is no shortage of options here, or intelligent functions: the containers feature out-of-stock indicators, motorised doors, centrally controlled smart displays and wireless charging pads, since smartphones reign supreme in tomorrow’s households. The kitchen’s interactive work surface is made of new surface materials RAUVISIO mineral | HANEX Solid Surfaces. Numerous additional REHAU materials and technologies round off the experience of the kitchen living space.

Motorized RAUVOLET crystal-line

Motorised RAUVOLET crystal-line
Easy access, attractive design: with the RAUVOLET crystal-line, REHAU is introducing tambour door systems that are a design match for the RAUVISIO surface range. They are easy and convenient to use thanks to the motorised mechanism and the touch interface, which is integrated into the surface.

REHAU/Hanex solid surface material and horizontal tambour door

REHAU/Hanex solid surface material and horizontal tambour door
A unique and stylish look is created for the kitchen with the accentuated countertop and the clever integration of the copper-coloured horizontal tambour door. It is a real eye-catcher which also allows easy access, even in small spaces.

RAUVOLET vetro-line and smart shelf

RAUVOLET vetro-line and smart shelf
The minibar for design hotels: stylish-looking glass offers a clear view of REHAU’s intelligent shelf system. Can be configured centrally and has a high-quality appearance.

Out of stock-feature

Out of stock function
Always know when a refill is required. With the out-of-stock function, shelves, refrigerators and minibars let you know what they need.

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