Contract Collaboration

In the area of contract collaboration, we use Coupa for collaboration, while the signature process is subsequently triggered via AdobeSign.

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Step 1

Receive email

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Step 2

Follow invitation link

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Step 3

Collaborate digitally

Adobe Sign

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Step 4

Receive email

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Step 5

Sign electronically

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Step 6

Receive signed documents

Always up to date.

With Coupa, we ensure that the most up-to-date version of the contract is always used when working with you as a supplier. In this way, we avoid email chaos and ensure that changes on both sides are not inadvertently overlooked in the process.

No paper. Less delay.

It is not only the environment that benefits from a paperless contract. Through our electronic signature process, we also avoid long waiting times that can result from physical contract transport.

For more details about the contractual collaboration, please refer to the information provided in Coupa Compass or our documents in the download section below.

Contracting - Supplier View Authoring Level View

Contracting - Supplier View Authoring Level Full Access

Contracting - Supplier View Authoring Level Field Adjustments

Detailed information on the individual process steps are provided below:

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