Electronic Invoicing

For our suppliers, the electronic transmission of invoices can bring considerable benefits in terms of time and cost savings.

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Step 1

Create one PDF per invoice/credit note

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Step 2

Note REHAU order number + delivery note number and date (for physical delivery).

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Step 3

Attach PDF files to an email (multiple documents per email possible)

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Step 4

Label email with the subject Invoice or Credit Note

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Step 5

Obtain correct email address from the billing address on the REHAU order form

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Step 6

Send email

Faster delivery.

By eliminating long transportation times, electronic invoicing ensures faster delivery.

Together we increase sustainability.

Neither paper nor physical transport is required for data transmission. In this way, together with you as a supplier, we are contributing to a more sustainable future.

An overview of all available countries of REHAU eInvoicing can be found in the following download section within our guideline.

Detailed information on the individual process steps are provided below:

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