Master data of our suppliers

The basis for a digital procurement process is complete and up-to-date master data.
To ensure that you as a supplier can keep your master data up to date on your own, we at REHAU have created a range of options.

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Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP)

The independent use of the CSP by you as a supplier is our preferred way of master data maintenance.

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REHAU Supplier Portal

The use of our supplier portal will remain for the time being and will be successively replaced by Coupa.

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Manual master data maintenance

In exceptions, if you cannot use one of our portals, master data maintenance is also possible by the contact persons known to you.

Trust as a foundation.

Trust is the foundation for growth. At REHAU, we trust our suppliers to keep their master data up-to-date on their own. After all, who knows themselves better than you?

For better collaboration.

Maintained address and contact data leads to improved accessibility and thus better collaboration.

All change requests are subjected to an internal REHAU check to ensure the dual control principle.
Further information on master data maintenance can be found in the following download section.

Master Data - Supplier View Invitation Supplier Registration:

Master Data - Supplier View Coupa Supplier Registration:

Detailed information on the individual process steps are provided below:

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