10 year warranty

Sewer Maintenance Structure

AWASHAFT PP sewer maintenance structures are cheaper than concrete pits in the long run. With AWASHAFT not only you save due to the higher life span of the product but also you put an stop to the constant repair of the pits.

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The safe investment: leak-proof, buoyancy-proof and durable asset - guaranteed.

A load-free manhole element seal, combined with our Safety-Lock sealing system, ensures 100% tightness.

The interlocking of the reinforcement ribs holds AWASHAFT securely in the ground - even at higher groundwater levels.

PH-resistant and corrosion-proof, AWASHAFT is made of pure, filler-free polypropylene, with 100 years, and design life.

That is why we give you a 10-year warranty.


PP 1000 - 118203

AWASHAFT 1000 Maintenance Hole allows safe person entry as well as inspection/maintenance tools

  • AWASHAFT 1000 is made of PolyPropelyne which makes it a durable, strong asset for the city.
  • Flexible Modular system makes the transportation to site and handling on site safer, quicker and more cost effective.
  • Light weight of the components safe maneuvering inside the trench without using heavy machinery.
  • AWASHAFT 1000 bases include slip resistant benching and formed channel for superior hydraulic properties.
  • Ribbed design of the base, riser and cones provide excellent safety against buoyancy forces.
  • Cones and ladder are supplied with corrosion resistant GFK ladders from the plant
  • Certified to WSA 137:2019


PP 800 - 118206

AWASHAFT 800 Maintenance Chamber/Hole is an excellent solution to repair corroded concrete maintenance holes

  • AWASHAFT 800 is made of PolyPropelyne and resistant to the corrosive gases in the sewer system.
  • AWASHAFT 800 fits perfectly inside a 1050mm concrete Maintenance hole.
  • AWASHAFT 800 is a cost effective, easy, long lasting solution to repair corroded concrete Maintenance holes instead of replacing.
  • Cones and ladder are supplied with corrosion resistant GFK ladders from the plant
  • Certified to WSA 137:2019


PP 600 - 118205

AWASHAFT 600 Maintenance Chamber is  the best option for non-person entry sewer pits

  • Not every pit needs to be a maintenance hole. Refer to WSA 02 and water utility guidelines on where Maintenance chambers can be installed.
  • AWASHAFT 600 is a cost effective alternative to Maintenance holes that allows entry of inspection and maintenance tools
  • AWASHAFT 600 has a wide range of bases in different sizes, configurations with curved fomed channles that not only provides superior hydraulic properties, but also allows easy movements of the inspection/maintenace tools inside the base and around the corners.
  • Connection to risers during installation and post installations are possible using AWADOCK CP fitting with no welding needed.
  • Certified to WSA 137:2019


PP 400 - 118202

AWASHAFT 400 Maintenance Shaft is a great solution for sewer network and the sewer line inside the building boundary

  • AWASHAFT 400 is a cost effective solution that allows entry of the inspection tools.
  • Made of High Modulus Polypropelyne material makes this product a strong solution for Maintenance shafts.
  • AWASHAFT 400 comes in two options of connection to DN300 and DN225 PVC riser.
  • AWASHAFT 400 bases include fomed channel with curves that facilitates easy access of the inspection camers to the sewer pipelines.
  • Terminal Maintenance Shafts are designed to be installed at the end of the sewer lines.
  • Certified to WSA 137:2019
  • Watermark certificate to WMTS 509


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