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Industrial Freezers Slab Tempering

Large scale industrial freezers carry large volumes of frozen, perishable goods at sub-zero degrees Celsius.  Without adequate slab conditioning  the ground moisture would freeze causing swelling and severe instability in the building, known as Frost Heave. Insulation alone however cannot protect the slab therefore there must be an effective, reliable way to return heat to the  ground protecting the building for the long term.

By circulating warmer (10-15ºC) water through pipes that are set in the lower portion of the freezer slab a constant and reliable source of heat recovery can be achieved, ensure the ground temperature remains above 0ºC. With hydronic systems energy required to heat the water can be drawn from the exhaust heat created by the chillers requiring minimal operating costs and carbon footprint.

REHAU's high performance PE-Xa piping systems with oxygen barrier provide a reliable, efficient and cost effective slab tempering solutions for the protection of frozen goods.


Pipe oxygen barrier is critical to ensuring the optimum performance of pumps and material within the close loop system.

REHAU's PE-Xa pipe is the most flexible and puncture resistant on the market and joins in the slab are guaranteed.

Energy Efficiency

Running a heating system continuously can be an energy and cost intensive exercise. By utilising the waste heat from the freezer chillers minimal additional energy is required to maintain a steady flow of warm water to the slab.


REHAU has over 50 years of experience in design and supply of advanced floor heating systems across the globe. Due to the high risk associated with frost heave and spoiling of perishable goods a specialised design methodology is employed to eliminate downtime. With a local engineering team available to provide advise, pipe layout designs and performance calculations you can ensure optimal performance, efficiency and peace of mind.

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DESIGN and Support services

REHAU offers specialist design and support services for freezer builders and heating installers to create optimal heat recovery systems for industrial freezer projects. 
Contact our Sales and Design Team for assistance in specification, design and installation of  freezer slab tempering link to contact.

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