Civil Solutions

REHAU wide range of solutions of Civil products provide innovative, intelligent options to the traditional solutions.

REHAU AWASHAFT Poplypropylene mainetnance structures  together with AWADUCT/AWADOCK fittings provide leak free solutions that stops infiltration of ground water to the sewer system from maintenacne structres. This will reduce the load on the sewer systems and wastewater treatmeant plants significantly which saves cost and energy. Additionally REHAU range of sewer systems have 100 years design lifetime, make the installation much safer and quicker. Production process of REHAU AWASHAFT maintenance structures requires less enegy and reduces the CO2 emission considerably when compared to traditional solutions.

REHAU Aerators are installed widely around the world as well as in Australia and New Zealand. RAUBIOXON and RAFLEX systems provide fine bubbles with longer life span which reduces the operational and maintenance costs of waste water treamnet plant for both industrial and munnicipal water water.

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