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Quick. Easy. Safe and Savings.

Made from the highest quality materials and specifically designed for installers convenience, RAUTITAN gas is your ideal option for internal natural gas (NG) and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) installations in both residential and commercial buildings. REHAU has taken the time to check and re-check every aspect of the RAUTITAN gas system so you can be sure that every installation will be achieved quickly, safely, economically and most importantly be reassured that the system will continue to perform day after day.

As part of the RAUTITAN range all RAUTOOLS are compatible for water, heating and gas services. Reduce your risk of installation error by utilising the simple, robust and reliable compression sleeve technique to switch effortlessly between applications. Save over 25% on material and installation costs compared with traditional metallic systems such as copper.

  • Most flexible pipe in the market
  • Use up to 20% less fittings
  • Joint verified by visual inspection
  • No O-rings
  • Excellent hydraulic performance
  • Max. temperature resistance 90°C
  • 25 year warranty*

*Conditions apply


RAUTITAN Gas Stabil Pipe

Application: Suitable for NG and LPG installation

Material: Multilayer PEX-Al-PE composite pipe

Available dimensions: 16-40mm coils and straight length

Feature: Resistant to deformation but flexible


RAUTITAN Gas Fittings and Compression Sleeves

Compression sleeves and fittings

Compression sleeve



16 - 40



Threadless fittings



16 - 40



Fittings for screwing, soldering, clamping



16 - 40



Connection Technology

REHAU Compression Sleeve Technology

Simple. Robust. Reliable.

Over 20 years in more than 40 countries REHAU compression sleeve technology has proven over and over again to be the most secure, reliable and robust connection.
REHAU’s compression sleeve connection creates a permanently sealed mechanical joint that requires no o-rings guaranteeing a service life > 50 years.

Tested against temperature fluctuations, pressure and mechanical stresses over the long term ensure the REHAU compression sleeve technology is suitable for all conditions of heating, plumbing and gas service applications.


The quality and security of the RAUTITAN compression sleeve joint is only possible with the use of the universal and professional RAUTOOL assembly tool range. Developed specifically for the RAUTITAN system, the RAUTOOL program has been designed for the REHAU installer and is constantly being upgraded and improved by our research and development team.
Only RAUTOOL assembly tools guarantee easy installation and fully leak-proof connections. Its compact construction simplifies handling and also makes it possible to install in the toughest construction sites.

Available in a multitude of modular options, the RAUTOOL program can be tailored to the individual needs of each and every installer. Simple mechanical design and robust materials ensure long-lasting performance, minimal tool maintenance and regular calibration.

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REHAU Authorised Installer Network - RAIN

Training and Certification

REHAU are comitted to the quality of our systems during design, installation and operation. To ensure our customers enjoy the maximum benfits of the system REHAU have established a training and certification program for all our products; the REHAU Authorised Installer Network (RAIN). Each RAIN member has been expertly trained by REHAU and has access to the complete REHAU design and technical support service.

RAIN Member Benefits

In addition to comprehensive training and technical support, RAIN members will enjoy:

  • Special project design assistance
  • Project assistance with plumbing/gas regulators
  • Advanced training seminars
  • Priority access to sales promotions
  • Regular product updates and information
  • Invitations to special RAIN promotional events
  • Joint advertising and marketing opportunities with REHAU
  • Regulatory updates
  • And much more

Contact REHAU to learn more about RAIN and become a RAIN member.