REHAU Academy

The Central Knowledge Institute for REHAU Construction Solutions

With first-class presenters providing classroom instruction, hands-on technical training, lunch and learn seminars and online e-learning programs, REHAU Academy is offering a variety of seminars throughout the year. The Academy conveys crucial product information and relevant industry experience, giving our customers and partners a competitive edge.

Seminars are scheduled throughout the year with new events planned each month. An informational flyer and registration form for each planned seminar is posted on that seminar's webpage. We regularly add dates and locations, so please check back often.

REHAU Authorised Installer Network (RAIN)

Training and Certification

REHAU are comitted to the quality of our systems during design, installation and operation. To ensure our customers enjoy the maximum benfits of the system REHAU have established a training and certification program for all our products; the REHAU Authorised Installer Network (RAIN). Each RAIN member has been expertly trained by REHAU and has access to the complete REHAU design and technical support service.

RAIN Member Benefits

In addition to comprehensive training and technical support, RAIN members will enjoy:

  • Special project design assistance
  • Project assistance with plumbing/gas regulators
  • Advanced training seminars
  • Priority access to sales promotions
  • Regular product updates and information
  • Invitations to special RAIN promotional events
  • Joint advertising and marketing opportunities with REHAU
  • Regulatory updates
  • And much more

Contact REHAU to learn more about RAIN and become a RAIN member.