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District Heating

What is district heating?

District Heating is the concept of one large energy centre to provide the heat demand for a number of properties, residential, commercial or multi occupancy. The Energy Centre can use a variety of heat sources such as fossil fuels (e.g. gas CHP), Energy from Waste, industrial waste heat or renewable energy sources such as heat pumps, biomass or anaerobic digestion to heat the water.

The hot water travels through an underground insulated pipe network to a heat interface unit (HIU) located in each building, this provides heating and hot water to each building and allows individual temperature control to each building.  The cold water then returns back to the energy centre to be heated and circulated again.

RAUVITHERM pre-insulated PE-Xa pipe

The flexible solution for heat networks in 25 - 160mm

  • Excellent flexibility and low weight due to corrugated outer jacket and closed cell PEX insulation
  • Long coils up to 330m possible which are 50% longer than similar flexible pipes
  • RAUVITHERM 125mm UNO can transport up to 1.7MW of heat at 80ºC/50ºC flow & return temperatures
  • WRAS certification for potable water applications
  • Outer layer of foam is bonded to the outer jacket

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