Acoustic Line


Furniture Sound Absorption

Acoustic line is an acoustically efficient roller shutter system for use in office and working environments. The patented sound absorption product is distinguished by its special profile geometry with through-hole punch and a retracted acoustic fleece.
The profile will absorb up to 80% of incident sound combining the acoustic efficiency and storage space with quality design.
The flexible placement of acoustic furniture in individual employees space allows both shielding against disturbing noise from the environment and the spread of their own sound to the immediate surrounding environment.



  • 12 mm system aw = 0.8 for the sound absorption class B "highly absorbing"
  • Flexible layout which allows sound to be reduced directly at the source of the noise
  • Sound shielding and absorption in the proximity of the employee
  • Acoustic effectiveness and high-quality design combined with storage space
  • Surface and close proximity shielding
  • Multi-functional surface no longer required, resulting in a space saving of 8-14%
  • Broadband absorber