Exceptional surface design with the high gloss laminate RAUVISIO brilliant

As a high gloss laminate of the latest generation, RAUVISIO brilliant epitomises the current trends in furniture and living room design. Thanks to its exceptional depth effect, RAUVISIO brilliant is an excellent alternative to costly lacquered products.

Innovative radius processing for the perfect overall high gloss finish 

One particular challenge to producing high gloss fronts is how to avoid an unsightly radius edge. Historically any milled radius has always been matt, giving rise to the undesirable “frame effect”. As a result of new material recipes and new processing technologies, a gloss finish is achievable along the entire milled edge with RAUVISIO brilliant and Zero Joint edging technology. A gloss finish even on the milled radius creates the perfect overall gloss finish across the entire furniture front.


  • Permanently UV resistant
  • Best colour quality and depth
  • Seamless overall high gloss surface
  • No time consuming lacquering process
  • Flexibility: surface, edging and balancing sheet all perfectly coordinated with one another
  • Complete high gloss finish, even where the edge is chamfered – thanks to RAUKANTEX Zero Joint technology

The REHAU Know-how package: system components, matching edgeband for seamless processing and technical support whenever you need it

Delivery Programme

Complete Design Harmony

With  high gloss laminate, edgeband and balancing sheet all perfectly coordinated, REHAU provides you with an entire system solution suitable for a myriad of applications – and what’s more, everything is available from stock, even Zero Joint Technology edgeband.

Brilliant Service

REHAU supplies the entire product range from stock:

  • High gloss laminate
  • RAUVISIO brilliant edgeband programme
  • Corresponding balancing sheet
  • Pressed MDF boards

REHAU is the provider of this complete, seamless system including any advise and technical support, which may be required.  As one of the world’s most significant polymer processors, specialising in Design Management, REHAU stands for excellent colour depth and clarity, UV- resistance and premium processing characteristics.

Decorative Designs

High gloss laminate RAUVISIO brilliant 

All available from stock 

RAUVISIO brilliant Surface Material - Bianco


RAUVISIO brilliant Surface Material - Meringa


RAUVISIO brilliant Surface Material - Magnolia


RAUVISIO brilliant Surface Material - Pulcino


RAUVISIO brilliant Surface Material - Prugna


RAUVISIO brilliant Surface Material - Vino


RAUVISIO brilliant Surface Material - Moro


Metallic design collection

RAUVISIO brilliant Surface Material - Cubanite


RAUVISIO brilliant Surface Material - Gabbiano


RAUVISIO brilliant Surface Material - Bigio