RAUKANTEX edgebands

Our range of RAUKANTEX edgebands includes everything you need to create stunning furniture and interiors, from solid colours and decorative designs to glass effect, metal effect, translucent and 3D looks. All are available for use with traditional primer or as invisible-joint edgebands.

Solid-colour edgebands RAUKANTEX

Solid-colour edgebands

RAUKANTEX color is our comprehensive range of solid-colour edgebands. We have been helping our customers to find the perfect shades for decades, so whether you’re looking for classic white or a striking colour scheme to make a restaurant or shop stand out from the competition, you can trust REHAU to find just the right solid-colour edgeband for your project.

Key features

  • Huge choice of colours – over 800 options in stock
  • Uniform look

Decorative edgebands RAUKANTEX decor

Decorative edgebands

With the RAUKANTEX decor range, the only limit is your imagination. These edgebands are true all-rounders. Patterned all over, they incorporate everything from elegant woods to multiplex effects, elaborate combination designs, dazzling stone effects and trendy metallic prints.

Key features

  • Uniform look
  • Versatile range of patterns designed to match our panels/laminate collections
  • Contrasting edgebands also available

Mirror gloss edgebands RAUKANTEX mirror gloss

Mirror gloss edgebands

Glossy, reflective surfaces can really take an interior to the next level. REHAU’s innovative RAUKANTEX range of mirror gloss edgebands includes a full range of ultra-modern mirror gloss surfaces.

Key features

  • Mirror gloss surfaces with gloss levels of 85 points or more
  • Unbeatably smooth surfaces
  • Uniform look
  • Versatile colour range to match the design of your panels/laminates

Elegant matt edgebands RAUKANTEX color elegant matt

Elegant matt edgebands

RAUKANTEX elegant matt is a completely new generation of surfaces. With a gloss level of under six points, RAUKANTEX elegant matt is highly scratch-resistant and virtually impervious to fingerprints.

Key features

  • Elegant matt surface – gloss level under 6 points
  • Highly scratch-resistant
  • Virtually impervious to fingerprints

Glass effect edgebands RAUKANTEX visions

Real glass effect edgebands

REHAU’s RAUKANTEX visions, visions Duo-Design and visions split design with V-groove combine the unique look of real glass with all the advantages of a polymer.

Key features

  • Lighter and less brittle than glass
  • Creates a depth effect without a frame effect
  • Huge range of colour options designed to match on-trend panels/laminates
  • Unique real glass look:
    RAUKANTEX visions Duo-Design: seamless panel design – flush glass panel effect
    RAUKANTEX visions split design with V-groove: composite glass look – creates the effect of a glass plate on a metal base

Translucent edgebands RAUKANTEX lite

Translucent edgebands

RAUKANTEX lite transforms any counter or shelf into a work of art, while indirect illumination creates a warm atmosphere.

Key features

  • Suitable for use as back-lighting
  • Produces fascinating light effects on your furniture
  • Also suitable for honeycomb panels

3D look edgebands RAUKANTEX magic 3D

3D effect edgebands

RAUKANTEX magic 3D dual-gloss edgebands takes your design to a new dimension. Combining two different types of lacquer (and two gloss levels) elevates and enhances your design. Our Brushed Titan, Foamed Metal and Rain designs are perfect for creative projects. With a total of 21 designs now in stock, we have everything you need for breathtaking results.

Key features

  • Three-dimensional depth effect
  • No ‘picture frame’ effect
  • Can be used to complement or contrast with your design
  • Easy to fit around tight radii
  • No reworking required
  • Polishable radius edges and patterns that stay put, even if the radius is milled

Metallic look edgebands RAUKANTEX magic II

Metal effect edgebands

From cool aluminium to high-end stainless steel, design’s love affair with metal isn’t going away anytime soon. Discover RAUKANTEX magic II. These premium edgebands are equally at home in kitchens, offices, studies, living rooms, bedrooms and shops.

Key features

  • Laminated real-metal foil

Feature edgebands

The RAUKANTEX inspiration range puts edgebands centre stage, as key design elements in their own right.

Key features

  • Perfect for making your panels and frameworks stand out

Compatible with:

RAUVISIO crystal – Glass laminate

RAUVISIO surfaces

R01-D013 - 65570

RAUVOLET tambour doors

M47-D011_477855_0 - 477855

RAUWALON wall seal profiles



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