RAUVOLET tambour door systems

Tambour Doors

Whether you’re looking for a practical office storage solution or user-friendly kitchen cupboard, tambour doors are among the most versatile of interior design options. They can be used horizontally or vertically, and the front panel can be designed to your specifications, making them a perfect fit in even the tightest of spaces.

Our RAUVOLET tambour door system offers a wide range of options for industrial customers and independent joiners alike – whether you’re working on a whole block or a single room.

The Range

Mechanisms and Track Systems

With our tambour door systems you can choose between rear or side-wall (spiral) track systems for horizontal cupboards. And when it comes to vertical models, you can take your pick from seven different mechanisms.

Track systems

Whether it’s front-mounted, milled or surface-mounted, choosing the right track system can make all the difference. With REHAU, you’re bound to find the right one for you.

CLASSIC track system

CLASSIC track system

  • Classic track system
  • Recessed running track
FLEX track system

FLEX track system

  • New design options for plenty of creative ideas
  • Flexible, recessed running track
  • Any external radius in a positive running direction
  • Minimum internal radius Ri = 35.5 mm
  • A (spiral) side retainer can be retrofitted, bearing in mind Ri = 35.5 mm
  • Running track can be cold-bent by hand
TOP BASIC track system

TOP running track

  • Easy to install
  • No milling, just cut into lengths and screw in place
  • Suitable for retrofitting
  • No visible transition between the track/spiral/90° corner – for a high-quality, seamless look
  • Aluminium tracks

TOP BASIC track system

TOP BASIC track system

  • Easy to install
  • No milling, just cut into lengths and screw in place
  • Can also be retrofitted
  • Track system in solid colours
FRAME track system

FRAME track system

  • Impressive frame-look design
  • Easy to install
  • No milling, just cut into lengths and screw in place
  • Standard front design for horizontal and vertical cabinets
  • Protruding track system (19 mm) appears flush to standard hinged doors
  • Aluminium running tracks
frame4 track system

frame4 track system

The frame4 track system comes in a design that matches RAUVOLET metallic-line tambour doors. Just 4 mm wide, it frames the mat in an elegant metal finish, so that a plain surface becomes an even more prominent, optically striking element. The track system is available in fine aluminium or stainless steel finishes.


For vertical cupboards, a reliable, well-designed running mechanism makes all the difference, offering maximum safety and ease of use. REHAU can supply a complete kit for quick, efficient installation.

Vertical brake

Vertical brake

  • Double functions as a slam-rail glide, especially for small cabinets
  • Brakes the run of the tambour door when opening and closing
  • Braking effect can be adjusted for both sides and individually
Caddy brake

Caddy brake

  • Designed for use in wooden cabinets with recessed or surface-mounted running tracks and spirals
  • Patented brake module can be installed immediately (with no need to counterbalance)
  • Easy assembly with minimal preparation
  • Opens from top to bottom
  • Can be adjusted from outside in a finished cabinet
  • One brake per cabinet is sufficient. If necessary, a second brake can be fitted opposite (on request)
  • A lock must be fitted
C6 Vertical counterbalance mechanism

C6 Vertical counterbalance mechanism

  • Used in wooden cabinets with recessed or surface-mounted tracks and direction of travel into the rear wall
  • Active balancing mechanism for opening from bottom to top
  • A simple solution that takes up minimal space in the cabinet

C8 vertical counterbalance mechanism

C8 vertical counterbalance mechanism

  • Suitable for a wide range of applications
  • Active counterbalancing of the tambour door in almost any opening position
  • Minimum space required as it is fitted on the rear of the cabinet
  • Can be retrofitted to completed cabinets from the outside
C3 installation kit, C3 roller mechanism

C3 installation kit, C3 roller mechanism

  • Convenient running properties
  • Optimum counterbalancing of the tambour door with high-quality spring shaft mechanism
  • Minimum space required for all cabinet heights due to the guide roller and bale winding principle
  • Up to six shelves high
  • Extension for increased flexibility in terms of width from 350 to 1184 mm carcass inside width
C-box cassette system, C3 coiled

C-box cassette system, C3 coiled

  • Spiral track or roller mechanism (C3 coiled) is used, depending on the application
  • Complete pre-assembled system
  • Straightforward assembly and fool proof installation
  • Simply screw module and accessories together in the carcass
  • C-box with roller mechanism (coiled C3) available as ready-to-install standard set. Also customisable using the tambour door configurator
  • C-box with spiral track available as ready-to-install standard set only
  • Track system required for coiled C3 and spiral tracks


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