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Lead-Free RAUTITAN with Anti-Stagnation fittings

Lead free RAUTITAN - 1071991

Safer Drinking Water with Lead-Free Plumbing

Lead is known to be poisonous for human consumption and has been banned in other materials for many years now. Evidence suggests that the currently allowable lead content of 4% in plumbing fittings can result in unsafe levels of lead concentration in drinking water. Following strict restrictions imposed on plumbing materials by some European Countries and the U.S in 2012 plumbing regulators in Australia plan to implement similar restrictions from 2023. REHAU’s commitment to helping the community enjoy the cleanest, safest drinking possible drives us to develop advanced materials the best materials that perform beyond industry standards and regulations. Combining our all new, state-of-the-art Low-Lead Gunmetal fittings with our famous premium quality PE-Xa pipe and supremely hygienic PVDF polymer fittings ensures the highest quality and safest drinking water.

Anti-stagnation fittings

Fittings to help eliminate excessive water stagnation to reduce risk of Legionella in drinking water networks

Anti-stagnation fittings improve the flushing characteristics of drinking water networks to reduce the likelihood of water stagnation (known as dead-legs). This reduces the risk of bacteria growth such as legionella in the drinking water. REHAU's range of Lead-Free anti-stagnation fittings will change the way plumbing networks are designed to ensure safer drinking water for the community.

Lead free fitting - 1071990

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