REHAU Future Plumbing Forum


The REHAU 40th Year Anniversary event was a unique opportunity to meet with long-standing plumbing customers to discuss the challenges and opportunities they face across Australia.

Attendees enjoyed a friendly lunch followed by a development workshop which was opened by Mr Jobst Wagner (President of the REHAU Group and Chairman of the Supervisory Board). Mr Wagner spoke about innovation and what it means today. He further thanked all attendees for their ongoing partnership and trust in REHAU.

The workshop covered key topics including what makes the best compression tool, the future of pipe jointing technology, as well as brainstorming sessions to tap into new thinking about industry challenges and new product development.

Guests were split into groups of 4 to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing their business today and how innovative polymer solutions can help them gain an edge over their competition. The feedback from these sessions provided some valuable information that will help set a framework for REHAU to develop new products and systems for Australia. Stay tuned for the next innovation from REHAU.