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RAUPIANO PLUS Drainage System - Popular choice for Trade waste applications


More than ever before, plumbers are using the REHAU RAUPIANO drainage system. This range of product undoubtedly meets the increasing need for product tenacity, quietness while ensuring a high level of living/working comfort within both domestic and commercial building structures. With its outstanding system properties, RAUPIANO can be used in challenging building drainage environments. RAUPIANO is well known for its exceptional acoustic performance and over the last 8 years in Australia has set the benchmark for Acoustic drainage systems.

What many people don’t yet know is that RAUPIANO PLUS is approved for many trade waste applications and is growing in popularity amongst progressive plumbers looking to gain an edge over their competition. Due to its high temperature resistance, RAUPIANO PLUS can be used for discharge and drainage of greasy wastewater from commercial kitchens.  The pipes, fittings and seals can be operated continuously at 90˚C (and up to 95°C for brief periods) making it a perfect solution for these applications

RAUPIANO PLUS is also resistant to aggressive wastewater that can cause corrosion, wear and tear as well as the ability to withstand wastewater ranging from pH 2 to pH 12. For more clarity on chemical resistance please refer to the chemical resistance table which can be found in the ‘REHAU Technical Information’ guide, downloadable on

Many well-known establishments are using and trusting the RAUPIANO Plus drainage system in their commercial kitchens. These establishments range from large chain stores such as McDonalds, Hungry Jacks, IGA, Coles and Woolworths to Cafés, restaurants, breweries, wineries, hotels, schools, shopping centres and over 25 hospitals. Furthermore, the RAUPIANO polypropylene (PP) piping system is approved for in-ground use and when installed can offer real benefits in comparison to older traditional materials such as high-density polyethylene (HDPE). Feedback from installers have highlighted many fantastic advantages of the system. One being no capital outlay for a fusion welder and electricity required on-site especially important for Greenfield installations. Also, no welding means reduced time taken for heating and cooling of the HDPE joint. RAUPIANO utilises a rubber ring joint assembly method for connection and water-based lubricant enables a quick and easy installation. 

RAUPIANO Polypropylene (PP) has half the thermal expansion of HDPE making it less likely to bow or move in high temperature conditions. The rubber ring joint is able to accommodate the linear thermal expansion, therefore no need to install additional expansion sockets. Also, with a range of adapters, RAUPIANO allows for easy transition from existing plumbing pipe products.

RAUPIANO PP system is environmentally friendly, contains no toxic materials, such as Halogens, and is 100% recyclable. For these reasons RAUPIANO can earn valuable credits toward a buildings GREEN STAR RATING. For ESD designers, with the ever increasing requirements for greenness and recyclability, there are more reasons than ever to choose the right products that will take care of the environment and reduce our carbon footprint.

With the ever increasing need to improve productivity and installation efficiency without compromising on performance REHAU’s RAUPIANO PLUS high performance drainage system is the ideal solution for a range of acoustic and trade waste applications.

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