RAUWIN contains the basics of building technology, starting with the U-value calculation, through the heat load calculation and up to REHAUs radiant heating and cooling system for floors, walls and ceilings.

In the data network with AutoCAD or CADinside, measurements are taken directly from the drawings. Radiators, radiant heating/cooling systems and labels can be transferred directly to the drawings.

As the basis in CAD, DWG and DXF files, as well as PDF files and images, can be used.


Heating load calculation

  • U-value calculation with extensive material table
  • Master data and room definition with specific heating and cooling load calculation in accordance with:
    • DIN EN 12831
    • ÖNORM H 7500 for EN 12831 (Austria)
    • ÖNORM H 750-1 (2015) for EN 12831 (Austria)
    • SN SIA 384.201 for EN 12831 (Switzerland)
    • TS 2164 (Turkey)
    • NF P 52 – 612 / CN for EN 12831 (France)

Cooling load calculation

For a building with a calculated heating load, you can get the cooling load results in accordance with VDI 2078 with just a few entries. This makes this additional module a powerful enhancement to RAUWIN Profi.

  • Cooling load calculation in accordance with VDI 2078
  • Room/component transfer from heating load calculation or EnEV

Radiator design

  • Radiator design including VDI 3805 interface to import manufacturer-specific product data

Radiant heating/cooling

  • Radiant heating/cooling system in accordance with EN 1264 / EN 15377
  • Fast creation of underfloor heating/cooling system
  • Variable system structure for underfloor heating/cooling system
  • Valve configuration of circuits at manifold for hydraulic balancing

German Energy Savings Regulation (EnEV)

For a building with a calculated heating load, you can get the results in accordance with EnEV with just a few entries.
This makes the additional module a powerful enhancement to RAUWIN Profi.

  • German Energy Savings Regulation (EnEV)
  • Room/component transfer from heating or cooling load calculation

Residential ventilation

  • Design in accordance with DIN 1946-6

Task Scheduler

You can store your notes and tasks on all project levels for each building, building section, floor, apartment or room.

Material composition

The bill of materials lists all of the specified materials from the radiator layout, radiant heating and cooling systems. The output of the data can be done in print or various data formats.

  • Printout
  • Export (EXCEL, UGS, UGL, GAEB)

Language packs

The software is multilingual, which means that you choose the material assortment for a country (region), the interface language for operation and the printout language. This enables you to design an international construction project in accordance with the language requirements.

The following languages are available for operation and printouts:

  • German
  • English
  • French
  • Italian
  • Dutch
  • Turkish
  • Russian


REHAU provides competent and professional support before, during and after your purchase of the software. Each new licence includes free participation in the RAUWIN seminar.
Even after the training, you will receive the support you require. An expert team is at your disposal by phone or email to provide assistance with any questions you may have about our design software. Extensive support services are available free of charge to all software customers after the training course:

System requirements

The REHAU design software is delivered on a USB stick containing the entire RAUCAD installation package. With new licences, a program protection adapter (dongle) is supplied in addition, which must be connected with your computer in order to use the software.

Operating systems

  • Windows 7 (64-bit)
  • Windows 8 (64-bit)
  • Windows 10 (64-bit)

AutoCAD compatibility

As an alternative to the RAUCAD CAD-Platform, AutoCAD 2015-2017 can be used as the CAD-Platform.

Software maintenance

The software maintenance contract ensures that the software is up-to-date and corresponds to the current standards in terms of technology.

The plannable annual costs associated with a maintenance contract prevent the high update costs that can otherwise occur with individual updates at the end of some years.

The software maintenance is based on purchased licences, whether as new purchases or updates.

RAUCAD software maintenance includes:

  • Use of the RAUCAD Hotline
  • Operability under current Windows operating systems
  • Adjustment of operability on the respective current AutoCAD versions
  • Update of CADinside
  • Update of the calculation software if the standards and rules of the underlying technology change.


RAUWIN - Quick design of the radiant system

RAUWIN - Optimization of the radiant system


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