LOW3 | Barcelona

Zero-energy house wins the Solar Decathlon 2010

Sustainable construction at a reasonable price

In 2010, LOW3 won the Solar Decathlon Europe, the world’s most respected university competition for efficient and sustainable construction. Developed and built by 100 students of the Faculty of Architecture at Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC), Barcelona, LOW3 is a net zero-energy building that anybody can afford. LOW3 stands for low energy requirements, low impact on the environment and inexpensive architecture. Renewable raw materials and recyclable materials were exclusively used during construction. After the competition, the building was rebuilt on the UPC campus as a “living laboratory”.

Our solutions
The students opted to use our radiant heating and cooling ceiling elements to control the temperature of the building in an energy-efficient manner. They also opted to install our RAUTITAN drinking water system.

Good reasons to opt for REHAU

Our ceilings with integrated cooling system provide:

  • Optimum indoor climate with no drafts or operating noise
  • Available in four different sizes, the active surfaces can be adapted to dimensions of the room.
  • Sustained reduction in energy and operating costs

Our RAUTITAN drinking water system provides:

  • Protection against microbial contamination thanks to intelligent pipeline routing
  • 100% flow rate thanks to flow-optimized fittings
SiteBarcelona, Spanien
Completion date2010
Project managementUPC, Polytechnic University of Catalonia
Construction projectZero-energy house
Type of buildingResidential building
UsageTeaching building

RAUTITAN: For water and heat 

Ceiling with integrated cooling system with drywall construction method

Key termsPassive cooling