Runde GENEO Fenster

Fertigungshalle von REAL

Druckluftversorgung mit RAUPEX

REAL production hall | Schechen

Energy efficiency meets design

From windows to control engineering – our solutions

Located in Schechen, a municipality in the district of Rosenheim in Bavaria, REAL Fenster und Türen GmbH added a finalization hall to its plastic production facilities. During the planning phase, two key aspects were the energy efficiency of the building and its design.

Our solutions: Windows and doors
Circular GENEO windows bring a touch of quality design to the production hall’s blue wave-like facade. The long window facade on the other side of the hall is also fitted with GENEO profiles. Meanwhile, the entrance area features a GENEO front door with leaf-enclosing infill and concrete finish.

Industrial pipes
Compressed air is supplied to the production hall via our RAUPEX industrial pipe system.

Heating and cooling
Our industrial surface-heating system provides the approx. 2,200 m²-large production hall with energy-efficient heating. RAUTHERM S pipes were installed in 30 heating circuits for the system. The amount of heat radiated and the low temperature profile keep the operating costs permanently low. Unlike in conventional heating installations, inconsistent air flows and clouds of dust or germs are excluded.

Underfloor heating in the office rooms provides heat in the winter and cools the spaces to a pleasant temperature during the warmer months. Our Nea thermostat, winner of the Red Dot Design Award in 2013, is used to control the system.

Good reasons to opt for REHAU

  • Technically coordinated systems from a single source with the highest energy efficiency levels
  • Cost savings during construction thanks to quick and simple component installation
  • Permanently low operating costs for heating and cooling
SiteSchechen, Deutschland
Construction period2014
Construction projectNew development 
UsageProduction hall


GENEO front door 

RAUPEX industrial pipe system 

Industrial surface-heating system

Nea and Nea Smart temperature controller 

Pipes and connection technology 

Key termsEnergy-efficient construction, industrial pipe system, industrial pipeline